Painting: a living art.

Decorative painting, with its glazes, its patinas, its trompe l’oeils, its effects of colour and texture truly offers the widest range of expressions and styles for an architectural space, whether taken in its entirety or in details.

Emmanuel Lenclos explores with equal skill contemporary and traditional techniques.
His palette is sensitive and chromatical. He always seeks to ‘dress’ the mural surfaces so as to find the most harmonious way to contribute to the composition of living spaces, private, public or exhibition spaces.
His creations are realised directly or in collaboration with habitat experts, architects, decorators and designers…
For your outdoor space or interiors, following trend or tradition, Emmanuel will listen to your ideas and, after a thorough analysis, will advise you on the best way to accomplish the atmosphere you wish to achieve.

“Going beyond the geometry of the walls by playing with the construction or deconstruction of a space, changing the vision of a place by bringing in a note of dream or poetry, this is my aim.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Anywere in the world